Personality > Looks

Which do you prefer personality over looks or looks over personality? Come to think of it. Why do people have their crush? It’s because of the looks right? Hmm… Admit it, most of the people look on the physical appearance over the personality. It’s debateable right?

For me, I prefer the personality over looks 💚 The way  a Boy can treat a Girl right, that makes him a Gentleman. The way a Boy can respect a Girl, that makes him a Man.

Looks can be deceiving. Looks will fade as time passed by. Looks will not matter sooner or later. Personality catches the heart of a Girl. Personality cannot be replaced, destroy nor get by others.

Personality is the only traits that no one can get from us. It’s a trait that almost every girl fell in love with a boy. A trait that catches someone’s heart. A trait that must be engulfed. A trait that must be cherished, nurtured and give importance. A gift from God above. 💚💚💚👌✔☝🙏


PT is life

Being a Physical Therapy student is not that easy. People misuderstood the real essence of being a physical therapist. Many misinterpret the work that we do. People thought that all we do is only “massage”. Heck! We dont study 5 years, study all the system in our body, dissect a cadaver, spent money buying thick books and reading it all night long just to be a so called “massager” 😐 PEOPLE MUST FEED THERE IGNORANCE! A Physical Therapist is way more important than being a “masahista”. We are the one who can help you to regain your highest possible function. Take a time to reflect, if you had a Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Fracture, etc. Do you want us (physical therapist) to just massage you? No right? Then, feed your ignorance. As soon as possible, change your perception to us. WE DONT DO MASSAGE. WE HELP YOU TO REGAIN YOUR HIGHEST POSSIBLE FUNCTION. WE CAN HELP YOU TO YOUR ADL’s. WE CAN HELP YOU. TRUST ME. I AM A FUTURE PHYSICAL THERAPIST.

Physical Therapist add years to your life. 🙂


Have you ever thought of being with your forever? The one who will take care of you, will treat you like a god damn queen, make you felt that you are the most beautiful creature in the whole wide world? He’ll come. Sooner or later . Just don’t hurry love. It takes time to ride a white horse with a king. Just wait. Maybe he is jammed in the traffic, or busy making his/your future better or not yet born 😂 (lol)

Everything happens for a reason. Right time. Right place. God knows what’s better for you. Just wait. Your King is on its way. Chiao!! 👸